The Numerology of Names

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The Numerological Name number in the great and fascinating environment of numerology is quite often known as the Expression Number, Destiny Number, or Character Number. If you are a new comer to numerology, you will find that much of the common terminology is described in a array of different ways. For the purposes of this article, I will merely refer to it as the numerological name or numerology name.

The numerological name is determined by taking your entire birth name and assigning a number to each letter. You subsequently add all the numbers together until you obtain a single digit. This number is the most important number associated with your name, and contrary to the numerological numbers derived from date of birth information, you do have some influence over your numerological name in that it can be transformed.

As we move through the excursion of life, our names will often grow and in a sense change by natural means. Two examples include a marriage or divorce, and nicknames which often supersede our birth name eventually. Many numerologists integrate these names in providing a numerology reading.

The chart below is used to perform a numerological name calculation for Nancy Jean Moore:






5+1+5+3+7=2; 1+5+1+5=12; 4+6+6+9+5=30

2+1=3 1+2=3 3+0=3


Linda's Numerological Name Number is 9

Your numerological name defines your future in life and signifies what you do rather than what you want or wish for. It affects how you interrelate and communicate with others. Look at it as a drawing of what lies ahead and work with it to provide guidance and direction. It can forewarn you of possible difficulties and also direct and invite you to fantastic opportunities.

Your numerological name is equally significant in public and career situations as it labels you and becomes a crucial part of your whole image, not only when connecting people for the first time, but dealing with them on a regular basis. It becomes your identifier. Even the sound of your name is pertinent.

A good awareness of your numerological name number will assist in guiding and directing you through times of hardship - the unexpected things which life tends to throw at us from time to time.