Top 100 Popular Girls Names

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There are some names that have always been and forever will be very popular in the US and worldwide as well. Some of these names have origins in the bible or have a deep cultural meaning, and others have changed and developed over the years from ancient cultures. Whatever the reason - these names are timeless, and bear great significance to many. Some of these names have been around for a number of decades and are still as relevant today as they were then. Here you will find the US Social Security Administration's list of top 100 names given to female babies in the US in 2006, as well as explanation of the meaning for the top 5 names.

#1: Emily

Medieval feminine form of Aemilius

Famous bearers of this name: Emily Bronte, The famous British writer ("Wuthering Heights") and Emily Dickinson.

#2 Emma

The origin of this name is Teutonic, and the meaning is Universal, Whole.
Emma was the name of the mother of Edward the confessor.
Also, in the novel "Emma" by Jane Austin this is the main character - Emma Woodhouse, The matchmaker.

#3 Madison

This name's origin is in German and Old English. It means "Son of a mighty warrior",
"Son of Maud".
A name only rarely used before 1985, became suddenly very popular according to the US Social security Administration. A possible reason for this is the movie "Splash" , where the mermaid played by Daryl Hannah adopts the name "Madison", After seeing the street sign of Madison avenue.
Madison is also used, though to a lesser extent, as a male name.

#4 Abigail

This name originates in the Old Testament, as the name of king david's wife.
Literally meaning in Hebrew (avi-gail): "My father is Joy".

#5 Olivia

This name was originally created by Shakespeare, for his play "The twelfth night". It is believed to be a female version of "Oliver", or based on the Latin
"Oliva", meaning Olive. In Shakespeare's Play this is the character of a noble woman who is wooed by Duke Orsino but she falls inlove with another man.

Top 100 girl names:

1. Emily

2. Emma

3. Madison

4. Abigail

5. Olivia

6. Isabella

7. Hannah

8. Samantha

9. Ava

10. Ashley

11. Sophia

12. Elizabeth

13. Alexis

14. Grace

15. Sarah

16. Alyssa

17. Mia

18. Natalie

19. Chloe

20. Brianna

21. Lauren

22. Ella

23. Anna

24. Taylor

25. Kayla

26. Hailey

27. Jessica

28. Victoria

29. Jasmine

30. Sydney

31. Julia

32. Destiny

33. Morgan

34. Kaitlyn

35. Savannah

36. Katherine

37. Alexandra

38. Rachel

39. Lily

40. Megan

41. Kaylee

42. Jennifer

43. Angelina

44. Makayla

45. Allison

46. Brooke

47. Maria

48. Trinity

49. Lillian

50. Mackenzie

51. Faith

52. Sofia

53. Riley

54. haley

55. Gabrielle

56. Nicole

57. Kylie

58. Katelyn

59. Zoe

60. Paige

61. Gabriella

62. Jenna

63. Kimberly

64. Stephanie

65. Alexa

66. Avery

67. Andrea

68. Leah

69. Madeline

70. Nevaeh

71. Evelyn

72. Maya

73. Mary

74. Michelle

75. Jada

76. Sara

77. Audrey

78. Brooklyn

79. Vanessa

80. Amanda

81. Ariana

82. Rebecca

83. Caroline

84. Amelia

85. Mariah

86. Jordan

87. Jocelyn

88. Arianna

89. Isabel

90. Marissa

91. Autumn

92. Melanie

93. Aalivah

94. Gracie

95. Claire

96. Isabelle

97. Molly

98. Mya

99. Diana

100. Katie

Still feel your new daughter's name is not any of the above?
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